how to refill an ink cartridges

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There are different things which are necessary to know before refilling an ink in the cartridges.

Since many ink refill kits are global, they are compatible with all inkjet printers. Some kits are exclusive to specific manufacturers and models.
Because printer ink is everlasting, you should wear gloves and prevent spillage.
Most cartridges contain fill holes that are located behind the sticker. If your cartridge is missing a hole, you can make one with the kit’s provided tool.

One of the less expensive options to purchasing pricey original HP cartridges repeatedly is to refill your empty HP ink cartridges, which is rather simple to do. Get an ink refill kit, which is simple to find online, to refill your HP ink cartridge.

The procedure for refilling HP 60 cartridges—which include the HP 61, 62, 63, and 65—is largely the same.

  1. You can either remove the cartridge’s top cover completely or just the front sticker label. This will reveal 5 holes
  2. The tricolor cartridge has three chambers. Knowing which hole will let you refill the right color is crucial when refilling a multicolored ink cartridge. Avoid mistakenly filling the magenta chamber with yellow.
  3. Insert the syringe, poke through the sponge, and then pull it out again to reveal which hole is for cyan, magenta, or yellow. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe the needle. You’ll be able to tell which hole leads to which colour chamber thanks to this. Because some ink may run during the refill process and you do not want to pollute the other chambers if this occurs, make sure to tape over the holes you won’t be using. Use the top hole when replacing black ink cartridges, and tape the remaining holes shut.
  4. From your ink refilling bottle, pour ink into a syringe.
  5. Place the syringe within the opening. The sponge can push back against you. Gently lower the needle so that it enters the sponge.
  6. You can add roughly 4ml of ink when refilling a typical cartridge. You can add roughly 10ml of ink when refilling a high yield cartridge. Always keep an eye on the hole since too much ink could cause it to start pouring.
  7. Pull out the syringe and take off the tape after injecting the ink. Remove any ink that may have leaked from the perforations.
  8. To give the sponge enough time to absorb all of the ink, leave the cartridge alone for 30 minutes.
  9. Reinstall the cartridge in the printer. Your cartridge will still be perceived as empty by HP printers. Simply ignore this notice and continue printing.

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