Scotch General-Purpose Masking Tape 2 Inches

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Multipurpose Design

There are various types of making tapes in the market depending on the project. The industrial-grade or construction-grade masking tape are highly adhesive and durable. There is a black, green and blue masking tape that is high to medium crepe paper coated with a strong pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive that can stay on multiple types of surfaces easily for over 2 weeks.

Adhesive masking tape

The masking tape used will be able to provide an adhesive seal on wood, steel, dry-wall and marble. An important feature of the tape is that it is water-resistant and can also keep out other solvents and oils. This is especially important for watercolour painting as artists require maskingtape to keep their drawing in place on a drawing board.

Waterproof Seal

Masking – tapes is pH neutral which is ideal for all types of paint and does not have a reaction that can damage the painting. It is easy to apply and when left on for a few days or weeks can be removed by applying water to the surface of the tape for clean removable and peel off without tearing the paper.

Arts & Craft masking tape

Artists require sharp clean paint edges when framing or creating a composition on paper or canvas. The flexible and narrow curves of a 3mm or half-inch  tape or paper tape are ideal to achieve sharp paint edges.

Construction & Packaging

Masking tape is also used to in light bundling, cardboard packaging and other box sealing and binding tasks. It can only handle light-weight packaging as the adhesive is not as strong as duct tape. Tasks that are easy to finish with tape are bag locking, decorative edging and labelling.

Painting masking tape

A strong tape used for house painting that involves heavy-duty latex and enamel paint formula requires Painters masking tape. It is designed to be bleed-proof especially when using water-based lucite house paints. It is usually green or blue in colour and unlike traditional neutral coloured  tape has clean removal even after 2 weeks.

Surfaces & Textured Walls

Masking tape is quick to stick on any kind of surface as compared to regular scotch tape or white glue. It is easy to use and does not cause unwanted fingertip abrasion or discomfort. The unwinding or roll out system makes it easy to cut as much tape is required for long length of a wall or box. The tape can easily be torn with hand or scissors. Masking tapes are resistant to humidity and paint bleed-through which make them excellent for construction painting and repairs.

Stain Resistant

The important feature of masking tape is that it is stain-resistant ensuring that no damage will happen to the walls or paper when removing. Industrial grade masking take is UV resistant and tearable by hand without compromising on the intensity of the adhesive.


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