Top Five Historical sites in Qatar

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The top five historical sites in Qatar listed here are all in Doha, Qatar’s most famous city. Doha is unique and different because of its beauty, beaches, and charm for tourists. Doha, Qatar’s capital, has all of the glory and popularity. It is situated in a prime location on the Persian Gulf coast, which adds to the ambiance and beauty of the city. Although a few of the city’s old buildings have been demolished, the city still contains some of the most prominent and historical sites that should be visited during a tour of Qatar. These top historical sites showcase Qatar’s and Doha’s beauty. If you’re organizing a tour, this article is for you. SMT Qatar has sorted all the data you need to know before picking a location for your next visit. Give it a read and we hope you will find your next destination.

Al Wajba fort

Our first pick among the top 5 historical sites in Qatar is Al Wajba fort. Al Wajba fort is located in the west, 15 kilometers away from Doha city with all the historical delight and ambiance. This fort has very significant and historical value for Qatari people as it is the very site wherein 1893, the Qatari army won the battle against the Ottomans. In memory of that win, this fort was built in the last 18s. People get attracts to this place not only due to its historical importance but due to the beauty and amazing infrastructure of this fort. Hamad Abdullah Al Thai has used this as His Highness residence. Al Wajba fort is also very famous due to its watchtowers that stand prominent among the building of the fort.

Barzan Tower in Doha

It is very important to add Barzan tower to the list of top five historical places in Qatar –Doha. These towers were built between the years of 1910-1916. Barzan tower has been restored in recent years. The towers of Barzan are used for the observations of the lunar calendar.  These Brazan towers are also used to measure and observe the water threats. According to the natives, the best time to visit these towers is between 2 pm to 7 pm.  All these towers are equipped with air conditioning to bear the hot climatic conditions in summers.

Al Koot Fort

Al Koot Fort is a famous historical site to visit because of its architecture and giant building. It is also known as Doha fort due to its location that is in the middle of Doha city. It is considered one of the most attractive tourist sites in Qatar. In the early times, this fort was used as a police station as well as a jail to maintain the law and order in the city. The sad news is that no one is allowed to visit the place from inside. Apart from this if you are in the city and nearby this place to experience the Football World cup 2022 then why not take a second and look around this marvelous piece of beauty.

Qatar National Museum

If you are among the people who are always looking for history and ancient times then Qatar National Museum is a place for you to visit. This place is designed for Art lovers and promotes that culture is a vital element to enhance the beauty of a region or country. The historical journey of Qatar can be reviewed from the Qatar National Museum which shows the richness in the culture of Qatar. Qatar National Museum is full of knowledge and a vast collection of Islamic relics is presented here. Other than knowledge this place helps you to take a glimpse of older residents of Qatar.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is located in the center of Doha considered the best place for shopping. This area is full of a variety of food stalls. It is an old traditional marketplace where animals including horses were traded in ancient times. In today’s life, this place has gotten the attention of tourists. The people like to visit these shops to buy everything from a handkerchief to jewelry and traditional clothes of Qatar. This market has everything that someone can desire to buy. If you are in Qatar and not visiting this place you are missing a whole lot of fun. As marked as one of the historical cities, Doha in Qatar welcomes you with all the warm heart and love.

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