Best Hp Printer; Affordable and Efficient

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Best Hp printer are very affordable, efficient and lessen your work burden and increase the quality of your print. Hp company built desktop laser printer in the year 1984 and since then Hp is one of the most reliable and affordable brands for copier machines and such devices. t offers affordable and efficient printers with a wide range and variety. Hp has produced one of the best printers that are available on SMT Qatar. SMT Qatar started this enterprise to bring the best products in your access. We gathered all the necessary information you need to know before buying a product. It is very important to invest your money in right printer that does not make your work easy but protects you from any hassle. Printers are the need of time no one in recent time either student or working as an entrepreneur or an employee can work without help of printers. SMT Qatar has worked with various brands to get more affordable and best printers and there in no doubt to accept that Hp is one of the most advanced and reliable brands with efficient products.
Affordable and efficient printer
Hp LaserJet Pro M404dn Hp printer Pro M404dn is the best affordable printer that can print speed letter with 40 pages per minute as same that of Konica Minolta but the later one is an all in one product. Due to its smart style of working it is a winning product of year 2021. The Hp LaserJet Pro M404 is the best Hp printer as it is designed that help you to make your time more useful. Thus, it helps to grow your business and keeps you ahead from all your competitors. Dynamic security system of Hp printer Pro M404 stops external bugs and attacks. It provides crisp texture to document and vibrant colors to the text.

General Features of Hp Printer Pro M404dn

It has the ability to print the first page as quickly as in 6.1 seconds. It has the best resolution for black printing of 1200*1200 dpi. The resolution technology used in this device is Hp FastRes 1200, Hp ProRes 1200 and economode. Monthly duty cycle of Hp LaserJet Pro M404 is 80,000 pages with monthly page volume. Recommended page volume for Hp Pro M404 is 750 to 4000. Print technology for this printer embedder is a laser technology. Laser technology is used for good speed and precision. Laser enabled printers as Konica Minolta. Printers tends to write and print the documents with much greater speed and without blurring the documents. The processer speed is 1200 MHz and 1 printer cartridge in black is facilitated in this device. Working temperature for this device is 59-90O F. Lifetime of goods can be depending upon the use of products and goods. Pros and Cons of Hp LaserJet Pro M404dn
Best printer of 2021

Increase business

Double sided printing is very useful with this best Hp Printer M404 that tends to work sustainably and lowers the environmental impact of paper. On the power button and this device is ready to work without wasting any time with introductory cartridges.

Virtual printing- time saving

You can even print virtually from a far place with the help of drobox and google documents. So, if you are running out late for a meeting and have no time, you can get your prints before even reaching to your workplace.

Best Security System

Hp printer pro M404 is embedded with the best security system that protect the entry point and avoid attacks. It keeps your confidential documents  and information away from other users with optional use of option PIN. Hp Jet Security manager is optional feature of this device that takes sudden actions and notifies to the authority about the security issues.

Sustainability and reliability of Hp LaserJet Pro M404

Hp LaserJet Pro M404 is one of the best printers due to the sustainability and eco friendly consideration of this product. This HP printer avoid frustrating reprints and wasted supplies. It is embedded with the ecofriendly guidelines and energy star followed to minimize the use of energy. CEPC and Silver are also followed in Hp LaserJet Pro M404dn. Above all to the environmental concerns this product is mercury free. So, what a best printer; affordable and efficient by a very responsible brand and dealers.

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