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Hp printers are all the best printer recommended to the person either work with industry involved in bulk printing work or need for limited printing. No one can deny this fact that printers are need of time and you can not shift to the e documents totally. Printers are almost involved in every task either you need prints for your school project, or need to copy your documents or a scan document related to your business. SMT Qatar has researched over 10 products to tell you all the necessary information you need to know while buying a printer to fulfil your office as well as home based business. There is a rapid increase in technology advancement and information is at its peak. With advantages come the downsides and it is very difficult in such days to get right information about your desired products. We have worked with various brands to get all the best printers for you. Since 1984 Hp is producing amazing and outstanding printers that are more affordable, best in tasks, and reliable. Hp printers are very compact and composed in their outlook that maintain your workspace and saves your times by advanced features embedded in them. It has maintained its quality and efficiency through all these years and without any doubt we accept that Hp has all the best printers.

Hp color LaserJet Pro M454dw

This Hp printer is an All in one printer that meet your needs for color printing. There is no need to worry about the wire of printer because this is a wireless system that can connect with USB and ethernet. You can use it is small workplaces and for small workgroups as it is a single function color printer. As compared to this Ricoh can be used as central printer in offices and it can easily bear the heavy workloads. M454dw is a decent choice for your print requirements if you are looking for a top-quality laser as well as for low volume.
All the best Hp printer
It is comparatively lightweight printer and compact in shapes thus easily adjusts to small spaces having a height of 11.6 inches ad width of 16.2 inches.

Touchscreen system

Touchscreen with 2.7 inch in size it involves few steps only and you can get your prints within no time. Panel is embedded with a lot of features too for example you can monitor consumable goods, security features as well as generate the usage reports.
Printer Hp Pro LaserJet
You can use your smartphones for monitoring and other configuration tasks. For abovementioned tasks web portal is enabled in this printer. It has a paper handling capacity of 300 sheets that is why marked as all the best printers. You can customize this Hp printer paper tray from 300 pages to 550 paper sheets. A port on the top right edge of the chassis is used for the USB thumb drivers to get prints from the USB.

2. Hp Printer LaserJet Pro M428FDW

It is a 4 in 1 printer that usually is also know as All in one printer because you can print, copy, scan, and even fax with the help of this printer. It has very good printing speed that is 40 ppm a higher than the other Hp printer. With this printer you can print your documents from both sides automatically thus saves your resources as well as you time. You do not have to change the paper side manually. Other option is color LaserJet printers are also available at SMT Qatar.
All in one printer

Best Security System

In built security system enhances its reliability and usability. In- class security system avoids and controls any external attacks. This features also ensures the security of important and confidential documents by using an optional PIN.

Energy saving

Original Hp toner cartridges that comes in the box is added for sustainable usage of resources. This toner limits the reprints, and blur text printing as well as wasted supplies. Auto on/Auto off technology of Hp printer makes them all the best printers.  This product is designed to make your day less stressful and less complicated. Modern multifunctional peripheral (MFP) technology is used in this printer that helps to increase the efficiency of printing. With the simple touchscreen of 6.8 cm, users can manage their tasks very easily without any trouble.

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