Fantastick Film Index Flags 45X12mm (125 Flags) Assorted

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Stick’n Film Index Flags 45X12mm (125 Flags) Assorted

reposition able semi transparent self adhesive film index. Can be written on. 45x12mm 100 sheets/5 pads per pack assorted colours.

  • 45X12mm (125 Flags).
  • 5 Pads.
  • Colours: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Magenta, Blue.
  • Repositionable.
  • Self-adhesive flags can be used for highlighting, marking and indexing.
  • Film index is transparent so it doesn’t cover up your document!

Product Description

Stickn Film Index is very useful for Highlighting, Indexing, Marking on documents without damaging the information printed on the documents. Film index is a transparent film which can be written on and doesn’t cover up your document.


  • Transparent
  • Index for highlighting & marking